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Hi I’m Elise Ashley the founder of Supporting My Sista! I was born and raised in the great city of Detroit where roses are truly grown from concrete. I went on to Virginia State University and received my Bachelor of Science in Psychology in 2011. I am proud of my HBCU and let everyone know that I am an alumna from one of the best HBCU this side of the Appomattox River. After graduating I decided to bring my talents back home! Virginia helped me discover “E” but Detroit made “E”. I continued my education at Wayne State University where I received my Masters of Arts in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Couples & Family. My passion is helping others; especially children and families. My passion lead me to start my career in Behavioral Health in 2014 where I became a child outpatient clinician. Since I have been promoted to Behavioral Health Supervisor in 2016 and most recently Vice President of Behavioral Health in 2020. 


As most know in order to reach a child you have to interact with the entire family unit. The more I work with families, especially using the Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Model, I discovered so many families have hidden traumas and things they don’t share because they have to keep it together. I find this especially true for women which pushed me, with the help of my sister Melissa, to create Supporting My Sista.


I wanted to create a safe place for women to be free and release. We all hold different titles, wear different hats, tend to fade to the background, and are expected to hold everything together. Society has also taught us that we must compete against one another, which is especially true in the African-American/Black community. I wanted to be able to create a sisterhood where no matter your age, color, life choices, or whatever that you have somewhere and other women to come to and have these conversations that you aren’t able to typically have. It’s okay not to be okay!


“But by the grace of God I am what I am: and his grace which was bestowed upon me was not in vain” - 1 Corinthians 15:10



Director- Detroit Chapter

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My name Melissa AKA Mel,  I am Director of the Detroit Chapter of Supporting My Sista. I am a full time student  aspiring for a degree in  Pre Physician Assistant. I made the decision to go back to school after I felt a void in my current career, I realized although I love working in corporate American, my passion is in medical filed. I worked in corporate America for over 7 years, currently in the mortgage industry. Working in corporate America made me Diverse in working with a variety of people. This is where I feel that woman rights need a stronger voice. I noticed women were always meant to have more a strong bearing, we are meant to be the lady and a beast when necessary,  A mother, a daughter, a wife  and etc. We were told not to be so emotional, and also in the same breathe we are told to show more emotions.  I have always had a passion for helping my community, espicaslly helping my fellow women. I have always considered myself as a Feminist, I a woman,I advocate for woman and  I stand for woman.  I am also a full time fashion  and lifestyle blogger. I am a Native of the amazing city Detroit, MI, born and raised. Supporting My Sistas was founded by my sister Elise, I felt our city needed a safe place for woman to come, gather and release any emotions or feelings without judgement. Woman are known to be ]undervalued in our world, this is something we plan to change moving forward. 



Director- Toronto Chapter

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Hey all! I’m Kadine Director of the Supporting My Sista Toronto Chapter and Transitional Career Coach. I was born and raised in the multi-cultural and diverse City of Toronto, Canada. I have always been a passionate people person, driven to help people be the best version of themselves; by providing people with the necessary tools and resources needed. As an HR professional with 15+ years of experience in all Human Resources disciplines including Talent & Employment Advisor with diverse career experience spanning from Market Research, Sales, Events, & Human Resources Management.  My why for wanting to be a part of Supporting My Sista is simple, I have had my share of life challenges, and know first-hand how extremely difficult it can be when you are in the midst of a difficult time to seek out support. I believe there is a huge need to provide a safe place for women in Toronto to feel encouraged,supported and connected with other women. There’s strength in numbers and together, by building each other up we can educate, uplift and share resources with one another. Many women are hurting or suffering in silence and are ignorant to the resources that are available. I enjoying being a resource or a hub for women, by identifying their needs and helping with solutions for them to achieve self-actualization. I am a Mentor, a Coach, and inspirational speaker living my best life!

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