Who Are We

Supporting My Sista started in order to create a safe place for women to be free, and have an outlet to release any challenges with no judgement! We all wear different titles,we wear different hats, we tend to fade into the background, and are still expected to hold everything together. The purpose of our organization is to break the stereotype that women cannot work together and that we must compete against one another to make it in the world. We believe regardless of your age, race, or life choices, we can all come together to provide love and support to each other. We want to create a safe space to have real conversations that you would normally not have. We want all women to know it’s OKAY not to be OKAY!

"Women who support other women are confident, generous, visionaries" Mariela Dabbah

Our Mission

To provide a safe place for women to come together, to support, uplift, pray, encourage, and be there for each other.

We strive to bring hope, support and learning to women on their journey of self-discovery and empowerment in order for them to have a life where they feel alive and are thriving personally and socially.

Our Vision

To develop a sisterhood of women dedicated to empowering other women through real relationships and openness.